The Epitome of Excellence

A place that needs no embellishment, as the setting is so stunning.

Clinging to a steep hillside at the peaceful village of Imerovigli and overlooking the still waters of the Aegean, Honeymoon Petra Villas is a 5 star, family owned hotel complex that combines discrete luxury and authenticity, allowing you to experience the wonder of Santorini.

Honeymoon Petra Santorini
Honeymoon Petra Santorini
Welcome to a high-end quality complex that seamlessly blends into the natural landscape; Honeymoon Petra Villas spreads into two parts, encouraging the creative use of space, while natural materials abound, providing one with an intimate connection to the island: the Traditional Wing, embedded into the rock, and the Petra Wing, built solely from Santorinian volcano rock.
Honeymoon Petra Santorini
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Earthly hues and whites make up the palette for Honeymoon Petra Villas drawing on the turquoise seas and rolling hills that wrap around this cliffside escape. Inside, arches, stone and whitewashed walls here and there hint at traditional Cycladic style. The result is a warm and inviting feel throughout.
Experience a symphony of flavours at Honeymoon Petra Villas in a delicious harmony of taste and texture.⁣ Infused with the rich essence of local cuisine, every creation oozes the charm of simple, authentic flavours. ⁣
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