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This truly fabulous yacht takes you to a completely different level. It was created to spoil its passengers and whether you board on it for a few hours or for a few days, the Santa Maria will make you feel like a king!


The "Santa Maria" , reconstructed in 2012, is both impressive and luxurious, guaranteeing superbly enjoyable cruises. This special order Sun Odyssey 52,2 is the admiral vessel of the Jeanneau scale. With excellent construction, an intelligent deck plan and luxurious teak furniture, it presents the most authentic expression of the sailboat's tradition.


Magic is probably the only word that can express the combination of prestige with pleasure and give true credit to the stateliness of this gorgeous sailing yacht. It also offers superb comfort with 4 double private cabins, each of which has its own private bathroom (Maximum 6 guests overnight).


The yacht is fully equipped with air-condition, TV, video- and CD-player, ice maker, microwave oven, desalination system and many more facilities. In fact, this superb yacht's extras have actually doubled its initial cost price.